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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bullpen Car Hall of Fame, Charter Member

While Sam is making the logo, I must honor one of the most well known bullpen cars in baseball, real or fictional:

Chief Wahoo Bullpen Car, of the Cleveland Indians. Make that the fictional Cleveland Indians, of the movie Major League.

Though not well known in the mainstream, CW is one of the most instrumental bullpen cars in movie history.

When catcher Jake Taylor spotted his love interest Lynn in the stands during a late season game, he knew he had to go after her. Yet his own car was in the far parking lot, and he knew he had to go after her immediately.

So who stepped up to the plate? That's right, Chief Wahoo. He sacrificed his own rest and relaxation, and drove all the way to the Cleveland Suburbs, so that Jake could go off and find his lady love. That love eventually meant he had the courage to lay down the bunt that scored Willie Mays Hays, beating the Yankees and sending the Indians to the ALCS.

And all because of Chief Wahoo.

So do not mock the wonder that is the bullpen car, lest you find yourself in a similarly tough spot. The bullpen car might be your romantic savior some day.