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Thursday, April 07, 2005

There is a new baseball Boy and Girls Club ad out

With Derek Lowe and Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez and some other guy that I missed because I was too busy plotzing over DLowe and Pedro in NEW UNIFORMS *insert multiple pained frowny face emoticons here* playing with hideous small children.

Obviously there's a lot of be said about this ad (why that particular selection of players? to give me MAXIMUM AGONY? maybe they should have thrown Dave Roberts in there too just for the heck of it), but there was a bit of it that's pertinent to this humble little operation.

Pedro, in the commercial, took the field in a cart. Not quite a bullpen car, it was more of a trainer's cart. But Pedro was driving it, just barrelling along, big grin on his face, his hair flapping, all in his stinky ugly gray and blue and orange Mets uniform and whatnot. *insert more frowny face emoticons*

So maybe if we had gotten a bullpen car in Fenway we could have enticed Pedro to stay.

Le sigh.