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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Economics of The Bullpen Car

I do agree with Sam that there should be some kind of bullpen car revenue-sharing. But I think we should go further.
A bullpen car cap.
But also, a bullpen car floor, financially. So Vince Naimoli couldn't be a cheapskate about it.
I mean, the appearance of the major leagues is at stake. Imagine if the Yankees came out with ( as someone suggested on the SG Message Board) a bullpen Hummer, because that's what they do, and all Tampa Bay had was a golf cart, covered in a blanket, with stitches drawn on with magic marker? And there would be one kinda flat tire, and it would be veering around, and everyone would boo. And then Lou Piniella would storm out.

This isn't some trivial thing like player contracts we're talking about. This is the bullpen car.

You can't have Scott Boras representing Joe Bullpencarguy, and telling Kansas City that JB will only build and drive their bullpen car if he gets a suite for road games, and then threatening that he's got an offer from the Rangers which includes a road suite and a no-trade, driving KC out of the running. So KC has to go draft a bullpencar guy out of Cal Tech. He's got good building skills, but no control, and he runs over Nelson De la Rosa during an interleague game.

See why we need the Bullpen Car cap?